Where are you from? Where do you live?
I'm from Morocco. I've lived in Casablanca my whole life but I've moved to Rabat last year to further my studies. Now I live in Lille, France.

How old are you?
I'm 20.

Are you a model?
I'm so not! But thank you, it's quite a compliment!

What camera do you use?
I use a Nikon D5100.

How can I follow your blog? I can't find the google friend connect thing...
You can follow me on bloglovin'. I also have a twitter account or if you prefer you can also follow me by email (there's a tool for that on the right). Google Friend Connect will soon no longer exist so the links above are best if you want to stay updated.

Do you have a Facebook fanpage?
No, not yet. As soon as I make one I'll put a link to it on the blog!

You seem to be a nice person and I want to get in contact with you... Can I send you an email?
Of course you can! I've already exchanged emails with a few of my readers! Just send me an email at theserialshopper@hotmail.com or if you prefer, write your message in the boxes at the bottom of this page.

I have never had moroccan food... Is it good?
Sure it is! You will love it! It can be a bit spicy sometimes, or even sweet some other times but there is such a wide range of flavours in the moroccan cuisine that I'm sure you will find something (a lot of things!) that you like.

What about following each other?
Everytime you leave a comment on this blog, I go check out yours and if I like it, I immediatly add it to my reading list, no matter how 'big' your blog already is. But I don't do "follow each other" simply because I'd rather have 10 followers who truly enjoy my blog than 1000 who won't care that much...

I like your pictures a lot. Can I use them on my site?
If it's for non commercial reasons, you totally can, just don't forget to link back to TheSerialShopper!

Any other questions you would like to ask me?
Just scroll up and write them in the boxes or send them to theserialshopper@hotmail.com.

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