[DIY] How to make a leather passeport cover


Hello all,

A little while ago, and even more so this last year, I have realized that social media does not agree with my lifestyle so much anymore. When I started the blog, it was my little loophole and a platform for self expression. As the years went by, it became more and more important in my life and lost that freedom factor that made it so exciting in its early days. I had the opportunity a couple of times since the launch of the blog to take it from a mere hobby to an actual profesionnal activity. But is it really what I want? No, not for now at least. I like to keep this a place for distraction and fun, a place where I can create and develop my own sense of esthetics and a place where I can share moments and pictures that convey positive emotions. As soon as I become pressured behind my camera, none of that is possible anymore. Add to that the fact that I have been moving quite a lot this past couple of years, and you understand why it has been even harder to keep a regular rythm on the blog.

I think it would be fair to let you know that this blog is like a (public) diary for me. I do not write on it everyday, but whenever something captures my attention and reaches my heart, I do share it with you.

In just a couple of days, I will be moving to the United States. It is very exciting for me since I have always wanted to visit this country. No, wait, I DREAMED of living there someday. Soon, this dream will finally come true!

Thank you to all of you loyal readers for being so present on The Serial Shopper!
We will talk again asap :)

Step 1: choose your colors and lay your leather flat
Step 2: place your passeport on your piece of leather piece
Step 3: measure out the dimensions of your passeport and trace lines beyond your measures

Step 4: cut out the piece of leather you will be working with

Step 5: fold your leather around your passeport exactly as you want it to look in the end
Step 6: cut out any excess leather

Step 7: use your passeport to find the unecessary angles you need to cut

Step 8: fold your leather in place and start sewing !

Step 9: cut out any remaining excess leather
Bonus pocket!
I wanted to add a little extra to my passeport cover with a special pocket for my credit card for example.
Pick the material of your choise and cut a piece the size of your card.
Sewing can get pretty hard with the thickness of the leather pieces so don't hesitate to use a thimble.
And voilà!
Travel essentials: passeport, card holder, charger and power bank, notebook and last but not least, earplugs haha!

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