How to rock a monochrome outfit


short bob hair, royal blue clutch, sunnies and printed scarf

I was transferring new pictures to my hard drive the other day and found these old ones that I have never showed you for some reason (oh how I miss my short hair). I love wearing this outfit which I find both elegant and confortable. Wearing an all white outfit, or any monochrome outfit for that matter, can get tricky and can turn out boring sometimes. However, there are very easy ways to make a monochrome look work.

Here are some cool tips and ideas to keep in mind when going for monochrome:

1/ Play with fabrics: A key way to avoid turning a monochrome outfit into a monotonous one is by mixing fabrics. Try combining satin, coton, leather, silk, wool...

2/ Mix different shades of the same color: ...50 shades if you wish. It will still be a monochrome look since the colors will not clash but rather blend well together. 

3/ Play with textures: In my outfit here I have solid white and transparent white. It is a very fun way to add playfulness to a monochrome look. You could also do it with cut-outs for example, or pompons or  fringes... You name it.

4/ Try prints: Similar to playing with textures. Why not do some tone on tone prints? It is a pretty cool way to add dimension to a look.

5/ Accessorize: Probably the best way to make your outfit more interesting. There really are no limits with accessories. Anything will work since the monochrome look is like a blank canvas that will make everything stand out.

So there you go, five easy steps to making your monochrome outfit more sophisticated and fun! 

Do you have any good advice when it comes to monochrome looks ?

all white outfit with bob hair and royal blue clutch

short bob and all white outfit on the serial shopper

white pants and white croco sandals from zara

all white look, short bob, blue bag and great accessories

monochrome look, short bob, blue bag and great accessories

white pants and white croco sandals from zara

how to wear monochrome like a pro
 Top, pants and sandals - Zara
Necklace - bought in Istanbul
Clutch bag - bought in Casablanca
Sunnies - H&M
stylish monochrome look and blue moroccan clutch

the serial shopper rocking a gorgeous bob hair cut

bob hair cut and gorgeous monochrome white outfit

gorgeous silver accessories on monochrome look by the serial shopper

the serial shopper rocking short bob and all white look

the serial shopper styling short bob in white outfit

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  1. the whole look is so CLASSY!


    I can rock any outfits, come follow my online diary

  2. Love the addition of the blue bag!

  3. Beautiful look! Loving the colors and that bag is so pretty!


  4. You look so lovely! : ) I need posts like this as I will be going on work placement soon and am stuck for outfit ideas. xx


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