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guérisson 9 complex face cream

There was a time when I used to really not understand why some people bought skincare in beauty shops. To me going to Sephora, Mac or other such places was the occasion to buy lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes... In other words, to buy color! What is the point of buying creams and bath bombs if they are not adding anything to your face, right?

My opinion completely changed when I discovered asian beauty products. For one thing, the packaging is usually uber cute which makes buying skincare a treat itself. But my urge for buying such products actually started when my skin started breaking out again after being clear for months.

When I moved to China, my eating habits (i.e eating out ALL the time) and the air and water pollution have done remarkable damage to my skin. So when I travelled to Hong Kong (pictures coming soon) I decided it was time that I splurge on skincare. Keep reading as I will tell you more about each product.

container of guérisson 9 complex face cream
 While I was walking around the streets of Mong Kok in Hong Kong, I came accross a store which had sales on Korean beauty products. I stepped inside and asked the salesperson to show me renowned skincare treatments. She showed me this little orange box saying it is very good for acne prone skin and for clearing acne scars.
I haven't started using this yet but I think this cream is mainly good for hydrating and moisturizing the skin.
texture of guérisson 9 complex face cream
Nevertheless, the texture of this cream is divine and so is the smell. The packaging is very luxurious and well designed. I will keep you posted on my impressions once I start using this on my skin.
acnes pimple drying patches
 At pretty much every corner of every street of Hong Kong (ok maybe not all of them) you will find either Sasa, Watsons or Mannings. Sasa is sort of the Sephora of Hong Kong. I majorly splurged on skin care during one of my visits to the store.
These patches are one of the (many) products that I purchased. They are meant to be used on new pimples (the painful ones) to slowly dry them and reduce their appearence. I have used them a couple of times during my stay in Hong Kong and they did a pretty good job at drying my pimples! Also, they stick very well to the skin (stayed on three days).
acnes point clear roll-on
 Ok so I warned you guys, I went completely overhead with acne products. 
This is just another pimple drying product with a roll-on applicator. Not convinced much by this one though but at least it smells good.
chiness, japanese and korean face masks
[Left: Sasatine / Right: Nature Garden]
If you are thinking asian beauty products, you're inevitably thinking masks!
Once again, no surprise, I binge bought a ton of these. From pearl to aloe vera or bamboo or even snail, there are a ton of options to choose from! I cannot wait to try these out! 
japanese charcoal blackhead nose mask
 [Left: Sasatine / Right: Miniso]
I actually purchased the product on the left while I was still in China. You probably can not guess from the picture what these are for but these are nose peel off masks. They work similarly to your classic blackhead patches except these come in a cream consistency which is charcoal infused. They smell surprisingly good, feel very fresh on the skin but take quite some time to dry.
thursday plantation tea tree and witch hazel toner
 [Left: Miniso / Right: Thursday Plantation at Watsons]
The mist on the left is designed to tighten your pores after you have used the mask on your blackheads (it comes in the same pack).
The product on the right is not asian. I bought it after I heard so many good reviews on tea tree and witch hazel. It is a really good toner and it smells like a mix of herbs and lemon.
asian amino acid face wash neogence
 If I am not mistaken, Neogence is a Taiwanese brand.
This face wash is enriched in aminoacids. What I like about this product is that it comes in a mousse form which is very gentle on the skin as opposed to foaming gels which tend to dry it.
top face korean snail soothing gel
[Left: Korean beauty store in Mong Kok / Right: Sasa]
I could not pass on this snail gel. I feel like snail is the new it-product in skincare. I have seen it everywhere from magazines to youtube videos. I totally love the smell of this gel. I used this on the sunburns that I got when I was in Thailand (pictures coming soon) and it did not hurt or revive the pain caused by the sun.

Last but not least, I have purchased yet another acne product. This time it is a Chinese brand.
I did not use it a lot so I can not tell you whether it is good or not but I will tell you what I think about it when I use it more.

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  1. All these products look divine! Can't wait to see the pictures from Hong Kong!

    1. Thank you Kristiana :)

      They will be published soon !


  2. Look so good! good products!

    1. Thank you Rakel! They really are great!


  3. loving your selection of products! the masks are so cute!

    XOXO Courtney


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