Snapshots of my life in China : Shanghai, Canton, Kunming...


Left : An exceptionnaly blue sky in Shanghai // Right : my Chinese student card
左边照: 非常 青天 在上海。// 右边照
: 我的留学生证。

This blogpost is nothing fancy but I really wanted to share with you images from my life in China.
Some pictures date back to January, some were taken fairly recently, some were shot in Shanghai, others in Kunming, Canton, Beijing...

I really have so much I need to say but I honestly don't know where to start !
I am definitely planning to make a full article on my impressions of China and what it is like living there. If some of you are visiting or moving to China soon and need any advice, don't hesitate to ask me, whether it be by mail or by writing a comment down below.

In this post I am only putting iPhone pictures but I will show you better quality images in the future for sure.
As you have probably noticed, I have tried my very best to practice my Chinese by translating the captions under the first pictures, but then I stopped translating because I wasn't sure of every word... Honestly, my chinese is already pretty good for everyday conversations and my chinese teacher can definitely confirm haha, but I still lack so much vocabulary. Hopefully I will get better over time.


 Arriving to the hotel room for my first night in Shanghai.

 Visiting the Yuyuan garden.
 Left: taking the metro in Shanghai // Right: casually using the lecture room's tables to have some rest at school
左边照;上海地铁。// 右边照;休息在大学。

 Enjoying a Japanese lunch after a tiring morning.

 Visiting the water village of Luzhi.

 Giving Chinese painting a try.

 Visiting the huge park of Yuexiu in Canton.

Left: for my first gel manucure, I HAD to do something completely over the top! // Right: crashing in our hotel room bed in Canton

A little party never killed nobody!

Or maybe two parties... or three...

A view of the rice terraces in Yuanyang (元阳).

 A boat ride in the amazing Hangzhou lake (杭州湖).

Hangzhou is pure gorgeousness!

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