A magical place named Hangzhou


view of the lake of hangzhou

Ah Hangzhou... Where should I start?

Hangzhou is the kind of place where anybody with a camera could be a great photographer because Hangzhou is the kind of place where the landscape does all the work for you.
Hangzhou is also the place where my friends and I ended up homeless in the middle of the night!

Long story short, we had booked a hotel... in a different city! I guess we should have seen it coming since we "organized" our trip at last minute. And by last minute I mean that we booked our tickets for Hangzhou on Friday night and our bus was on Saturday at 8am.
And by last minute I also mean that we left the house at 7:30am on Saturday whereas we had absolutely no idea where the bus station was. Lucky for us we made it to the bus five minutes before the departure.

But I have to be honest with you guys, I love misadventures! They always become our best memories. I will never forget our histeric laughs at eleven when we were saying that we had no hotel, I will never forget the same histeric laugh we had when we finally reached a hotel room at one in the morning and... I will also never forget how we missed the bus to go back home.

Misadventures with friends will always be great memories.
boats on the lake of hangzhou
Malak and her friends in Hangzhou, China

photography of the lake of Hangzhou

afternoon view of the lake of Hangzhou

Crowd of people in Hangzhou China

nike sports shoes

ducks in the lake of hangzhou

the serial shopper malak in hangzhou china

typical chinese boat in lake of hangzhou

photography in hangzhou china

the serial shopper and crowd of people in hangzhou

end of the day near hangzhou lake

photography black and white man in hangzhou lake

sunset in hangzhou lake

gorgeous sunset by the lake in hangzhou

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  1. The place must be amazing, indeed!


  2. these photos are absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing!

    XOXO Courtney


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