Open letter to The Serial Shopper readers


Above : picture taken in Shanghai, China.

Dear readers,

Every now and then, I tune in to TSS and look in nostalgy at pictures of old posts.

The other day, after scrolling through old blog pictures, I went ahead and opened my blog email adress and discovered in shock that I had received a number of messages from readers asking me what had become of me and the blog.
First of all I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support. When I checked my emails the other day I honestly did not imagine for one second that I would find messages from readers, let alone from companies asking for collaborations!! And yet there were quite a few of both!

Then I checked the date of my last blogpost and discovered that it has been 14 months since I last appeared in here... Out of curisosity, I decided to check my stats and what a surprise it was to see that I still had a considerable amount of daily visits on the blog!!!
Your loyalty to The Serial Shopper really warmed my heart. But please do not think that I selfishly abandonned the blog and that I am not giving much consideration to you.

If only you knew the frustration... I have a burning desire to talk to you, connect with you, share stories and experiences and simply report and keep track of my daily life. The last two years of my life have probably been the best and the most exciting ones that I ever had. And yet, I haven't been able to share my story with you... 

You know, we often erroneously give too much credit and attention to the blogger, the one appearing on the images, the face that we recognize on every picture and are familiar with. The truth is, a blogger is nothing without their photographer, without the support and dedication of someone as passionate and as devoted to the project of the blog as they are.
For the last 14 months, I haven't been able to share with you a single thing, for that mere reason that I had no photographer to travel the journey of this blog with me. My siblings and family have done a great job supporting me and helping me blog while I lived in Morocco. But as you guys know, I moved to France two years ago, and moved again a year later to... China. Yes, China!
A lot of good things have happened to me in the past two years. From moving to France, to working for Céline, then moving to China, travelling around Asia... I cannot wait to tell you all about it.

So... this is why I am writing this to you. I have decided to come back. 

My situation hasn't changed, I am still working all on my own for this blog and my photographer is never twice the same. But the happiness and self-fulfilment I get from blogging are far too important for me to give up on TSS. Blogging has helped me grow as a person, then it made me take the big plunge and venture through the world of photography. Blogging has boosted my creativity but also allowed to develop HTML skills. And just when I least expected it, the blog has become my best resumé. But over all, blogging has introduced me to you, loyal readers or lost internet wanderers, who always had a good word to say and comment to make about my posts.

I terribly miss opening up to total strangers and get responses from them. I miss reading a line from you to chear me up on a bad day. I miss taking pictures and putting efforts and hard work into them. I miss getting creative. I miss everything. I miss all of it.

We shall read each other again very soon.

Yours sincerely,

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