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Hi guys, I hope you are ready to read today!

A few days ago I took a decision about this blog. I obviously love blogging, it is a way for me to keep track of the evolution of my style and also is a good axcuse to get me to experiment with my camera, not to mention the most important thing: getting in contact with readers, exchanging with you and reading your feedback. So no, I'm not trying to say that I will cease blogging, I just took an important yet paradoxical decision: I will no longer allow comments on my posts. Not that I have been experimenting any hate (never had to deal with this actually) it is just that I haven't exactly been blessed with incredible patience, which is why I have decided to stop allowing comments, this way, I know there is nothing to wait for and blogging will be just about the fun.

Nevertheless, I am a very listening person, and if you have something to tell me, you can still contact me by email or hit the ASK button under the banner.
I have already been exchanging emails with a few of you and it didn't necesseraly have to be about fashion (we've been talking about studies, passions, random projects and so on...), you can ask me anything, quite like you would do with a friend except you can be sure that your secrets will never be revealed.
So to make it short, I will basically become a casual blogger, which means I will not put any pressure on me to blog every something (I could blog every once in a while or many times in a day if I feel like it), nor will I try to "grow" the blog. I blog for my own pleasure and if you happen to like what I do, it is all just bonus! 

I think, for that I am a "commentor" myself, that removing the comment section is gonna be good for you too. I know that a lot of you are trying to grow their blog big and one thing we all do for this is comment on other blogs, both big and small. But how cool is it when you come to a blog and realize you don't have that pressure on you to comment "because it could be another link to your blog"?

Anyways, I hope you will still enjoy TheSerialShopper and again, no matter what you want to say, just email me or click here.

NOW, back to the post. I have surprised myself on my last trip because instead of going crazy like the serial shopper that I am, I preferred investing in a new lense for my camera and tons of books for school. I seriously can’t believe it. Of course I still got a couple of things here and there but nothing too crazy, just little trinkets…

  With no surprise, three H&M nailpolishes...
 A pair of H&M sunnies that look a lot like the "Audrey" by Céline.
 Magazines for the flight back: Jalouse and The Economist.
 Other H&M nailpolishes: a clear and a mattifying topcoat.
 A double-ended makeup brush: an angled brush...
 ...and a round shaped one.
 Bought H&M eye makeup for the first time
A peplum top from H&M again... In love with the color!
 Also decided to try out an H&M lipstick for the first time.

How could I resist this aubergine color?
And finally, funky Eram sandals that both my sister and I bought.


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