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Hey guys!
I've recently been given the 'Liebster Award' by a lovely blogger named Hind from MadebyHind. So It means I will have to say 11 random things about me huh? And answer another eleven questions... Ready? Let's go:

The first shocking thing my friends find out about me is that I REALLY do not like chocolate! Unless it is 90% dark and only if it is processed in some kind of non-sweet pastry or something (oh because I also hate all things sweet...) but I won't crave it very often anyways.

Another thing my friends will always complain about is how fast I walk and how slowly I eat. I'm always the last one to finish eating...
Deep inside me, I have to be some sort of rocker, a junkie, someone trashy... Yeah, deep down inside, that's who I am.
I have a sick addiction to shoes.
And nailpolish.
And lipsticks.
Along with my big fashion related dreams, I would also love to be an actress and produce movies as well...
I have been told sometimes that I look like a Lebanese. Don't know why...
I never know when I'm in love, until the person goes and then I realize how much I miss them.
I'm from a five kids family. Most people are like "wow five!" but it really is freaking awesome!
Most of my friends don't know that I have a blog. Only the closests do.
I'm the messiest person on earth. And paradoxically I love cleaning. I might even be a bit of a maniac. A particular kind of maniac then.
I have that weird habit of always imagining the worst. If I'm looking at a knife I'm already thinking of a farfetched way for it to become the worst of dangers. Pointy things are the worst of all. I'll always figure a way for them to get to someone's eyes. Always.

Time to answer the questions that Hind asked me:

What type of blog do you read/follow?
I obviously read fashion blogs but I also love following cooking or design blogs.

What is the thing you look forward to everyday?
The idea of meeting my friends at school everyday is something that makes me go through my day no matter what is waiting for me or what I have ahead of me.

What is your favourite meal?
Not sure if I have a favourite meal... Oh! I gotta love the Senegalese Tieboudien!!!

What is the blogging topic that you find silly and stupid?
I don't think there is any stupid blogging topic. When someone blogs, it's for their own pleasure and they can share whatever they feel like sharing!

Does the blog layout, and photos display matter?
Yes, I think the layout matters. Our eyes will always be attracted to the pretty neat and organised things no?

Did you ever buy a painting as a gift?
No I have never bought a painting as a gift. I have already made a painting as a gift though...

How many works of art/paintings/posters do you have in your place?
If 'my place' is 'my room' then not a lot... I mainly have some of my own works but they're not hang on the walls.

Which topics do you often write about?
Clearly I mostly write about fashion but sometimes I like to share my thoughts, my feelings and random things that are happening to me.

What is the most extreme thing you have done and are very proud of?
I'm afraid I have never done anything that extreme... Yeah, I must be really boring.

What is your guilty pleasure? 
Buying shoes?

What is your life drive?  
"It's no big deal". Always and forever. We tend to magnify the littlest of our 'problems' whereas it really isn't that big of a deal...

And here are my questions to the next bloggers:
What is your biggest passion?
Tell a story of your most embarrassing moment.
What kind of student are you?
What do you hate most about yourself (physically or in you character)?
Have you ever been through a heartbreak?
What type of music do you like most?
What is that one food that you can't bare?
List three of your favourite blogs.
If you were offered all the money you wanted what would you do with it?
Do you have any big regret?
If you were to eat one food till the end of your days what would it be?

There you have it! Since I had no idea who I should award I decided to tag you all. So if you guys are reading this post, consider yourself tagged and go ahead and write your post!!
I send you all the Liebster Award so go make your own post and tell us more about you!


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