School casual


Pictures by my little cousins ! <3

Not exactly the type of outfits I like to share on the blog, nor the type of things I like to wear on a daily basis but it seems like my everyday attire looks more like pants+top+jacket than dress/skirt+heels+jewelry...
Yes, I don't like to dress up for school... I feel like people ( I mean professors) can misjudge you but it's also mostly because when I decide to dress up, well, I really mean it! If it was all up to me, I would be dressed to kill every single day of my life, super dressed up, super dolled up etc...

That's who I am, but school is another thing. I cannot seriously go to school in heels (although I do wear heels, just not the dressier ones), sparkly jewelry and all that jazz...
So I stick to my pants, add some nice top and a nice jacket and I'm good to go!
And most of the time, when I go crazy with my outfit, it shows up on my nails, my jacket or my top but about 80% of the rest is basic...

Oh, I could tell you long stories about those days when I decided it is ok to go a little crazier... People's reaction is priceless!

Funny thing is, I never go as crazy as I would like to and still, people know me as the "bold girl", one boy even said one day "hey, don't you guys agree that M. is our little Lady Gaga ??" ...

I guess I can keep trying to hide who I am at school, but hey, the leopard can't change its spots right ??

Jacket, Zara(old)
Shirt, Gant
Pants, New Yorker
Shoes, Texto
Jewelery, moroccan silver stores
Bag, Nine West
Nailpolish, H&M

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  1. nice pics! i like your purse, and your hair is so beautiful!
    I found your blog and I'm happy I did it, it's awesome. Would you like to follow each other? :) ?

    Blog da Flavs


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