The mall : last pictures


blue suede heels shoes

Love the color of the shoe and the pointy-but-not-so-pointy toe...
Oh and I also love that it's suede! For some reason I'm a lot into suede lately (btw, I just bought a pair of suede shoes and I already have my eyes on some others...)
green tartan shirt
Loved the colors of this plaid shirt !! And the cool thing is that it's pretty warm for a shirt, and since I'm SO sensitive to cold this is definitely a good thing!
From American Eagle
black quilted bag
Nice little bag... Would work great for school!
From Parfois

ruffled sleeves wool dress
Just a random dress I tried at Promod...
sheer polka dotted sweetheart black dress
Love this cute dress I tried at Zara!
elephant decoration at louis vuitton
Louis Vuitton's window...
prada like blue and green striped top
The stripes on this top reminded me of Prada...
From Promod
details from prada like blue and green striped top

bag sales at mango
Bags for 50% off...
At Mango
h and m orange peplum top
Well, the top on this hanger is obviously a little too big but the shape of it is really interesting...
From H&M
white sequined wool top

white sequined wool top
I've had my eyes on this top for a very long time ...
Love that it's all sparkly! Oh and when you hold it to light it looks amazing !!
From Camaieu
flowery decoration at morocco mall
Decorations at the (Morocco)Mall
starbucks mexican wrap at morocco mall
My lunch was a delicious mexican wrap.
At Starbucks
aquariums and fishtanks at morocco mall
There is a huge aquarium(fish tank?) inside the mall!
orange wool skirt at hm
My cousin and I were very doubtful when we came across this... Is it supposed to be a mini fuzzy skirt? A strapless top? Or maybe is it one of this new kind of snood scarves ??
From H&M
chloe marcie bags
Some lovely Marcie bags (by Chloé)...
At the Galeries Lafayette

Hope you guys enjoyed this little post! It's the last one I'm doing about the Morocco Mall...
Now, I'm just gonna go to bed and dream of some Aldo shoes that I've recently spotted... (I think I'm gonna get them... )
I want to make a promise (Oh lord !) ... Well, here it is: I promise my next post is gonna be an outfit post (I'm doomed!).
I have no idea how I'll manage to take pictures or when the post will actually be published but I have to do an outfit post! That's what I've created this blog for at the first place !



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  1. beautiful pictures ... you're a nice !

  2. You are so cute^^
    I love blue shoes ^^
    New post - kisses from France

  3. J'aime les photos!!! J'aime tous:)

    Angela Donava

  4. jadore la robe promod , elle est très jolie :)

  5. J'adore ce qui est de Mango ! En plus leurs soldes sont géniaux ;)

  6. oohh ohh the blue heels are really pretty. and i agree with the orange H&M top, it's interesting, i actually wanna hunt for it and have one!



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