2012 + VIDEO



I'm sorry for the shakiness and bluriness...

I wasn't allowed to fillm inside the stores but wanted to do it anyway so I let the camera hang from around my neck and pretended I wasn't filming but the camera was actually recording. Since I was walking, the video is kinda shaky and since the camera is a DSLR it doesn't autofocus so that is why the video is sometimes blurry (I couldn't check the screen to verify the bluriness ...)!

Sorry again and thank you for understanding!

Oh my god!! 2012 is already here!!!
Time goes by so fast!

First: Happy new year to you, the best supporters of The Serial Shopper, I wish you all love and health and hope that you will always have your families and loved ones around you! Cause that's really all you need, trust me!

2011 was for me the year of experiments...
I got to travel to a country I've never been to (Turkey), I started living alone in a city that is not my hometown, ...

I also achieved a lot of things:
I got graduated with great grades (that was such a surprise because I really didn't prepare my exams litteraly AT ALL!); I entered a school that is very reknowned in its field and that will hopefully help me realize my dreams; as a blogger, I had my first press feature on the COSMOPOLITAN website...

In 2011 I was happy to receive as a gift my first very own laptop and an awesome DSLR I've been dying for for ages!

In brief, althought 2011 started in stress, it was a great year for me!

And because 2012 has to be good too, I have to set goals for myself so here are my new year resolutions:
  • get more motivated for studies: lately, I've been lazy and was asking myself a lot of questions regarding the field I chose for studies, how I will make these studies lead me to my actual goal... I was a bit lost and sceptical... Now I need to go over that and never forget what my goals are!
  • sleep at regular times: for some reason, I tend to always sleep at least at 12p.m even though I'm doing ABSOLUTELY nothing! I really need to change that!
  • blog more often: as you might have noticed, I have been a very bad blogger these past months ... I need to find a way to blog more often even though I have noone to help me out with taking pictures...
  • read more: I used to love reading but because of my studies, the busy schedule and the crazy amount of work I have to do everyday I don't read as often as I used to do...
  • be more crafty: I also used to looove creating things and use my imagination but again, because of school, I don't do this as often...
Well, I think that's enough resolutions for me to stick to! What are yours? And I would LOVE to know what were the things you were the most grateful for and proud about this past 2011??

Thank you for being so awesome!

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  1. Happy new year !!

    New post

  2. Happy New Year, doll! It looks like 2011 treated you nicely. And it seems this next year is going to be even better for you! xoxo

  3. Great video!! I loved the printed skirt at 0:42!! <3 :3


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