Hello everyone !

You must/can hate me and for many reasons:
  • first, I did not update the blog as promised...
  • second, I couldn't make it to Festimode (exams, preparation, stress, blah blah blah)...

  • and worst of all (!!!) I realized at the very minute I left home to go to Marrakesh that I had forgot both my camera SD card (inserted in my computer) and my phone's (!!!), wich means: NO PICTURES ! (don't worry, I'll certainely find some pics in my father's, mother's and brother's phones). Instead, I took pictures of my outfits when I got back home (but the pictures are terrible and blurry and the background could have been much more pleasant and sunny, booo !).

But hey, the bright side of this long absence is that I have now a TON of pictures to share with you and you will guys be invaded with posts and pictures as soon as my exams will be over (which means about three weeks from now).


P.S: If you were following me on Twitter, you would have known in LIVE about every single of my (sad) adventures. So if you're not following, you can do it now...

P.P.S: A new post is coming up tomorrow, involving my (few) boughts from Marrakesh. And this time, I'll keep my promise (fingers crossed...)! Be there!

Tourist outfit, huh?
But telling me to pack in one little hour is a suicide mission! And the results are these nonsens outfits...

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  1. We love your style !! And your blog as well !

    If you have time, come and visit our blog :
    If you follow us, we will follow you back ;)

    Afaf & Marwa


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