The afternoon - Part I


This afternoon, I met up with my lovely friend Sarah, who came from Paris for a few days.

And of course, we went shopping (and you will soon see what I got) and really had so much fun!

This is only the first part of what we did, the second one may come tomorrow...

Enjoy the pictures,


Sarah trying a hat a at Marwa

Dress from Zara

Still at Zara

Funny zebra-men in front of the Swatch store

I WANT this pair, I'm in love with the chunky heel (Stradvarius)

I want you! No, I NEED you!

Flashy bodycon skirt we're gonna love this season (I'm already in love!)

Wearing my favourite vest from Tally Weijl, and this yellow bag that I love (Nine West)

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  1. j'adore le chapeau :). Sympa comme tout ces photos
    Bon Dimanche
    Bisous !

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  3. salut je tien un blog qui s'appel, et comme tu as du le comprendre j'adooor le bleu electric, j'aimerai dc savoir si les magnifiques sandales bleus sont tjr en vente !
    merci davance !
    ps : cool ton blog !

  4. Waouw, tu m'as trop donnée envie de faire les magasins!


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