Shopping shoots


Yesterday, I went with my friend S. for some clothes shopping between two courses. These pictures are all taken at Zara. Enjoy them and sorry for the bluriness, this is what my phone can give ! Bisous, Meelena.

So this is wath I call the 90's look (or maybe the go-to-bed look suits better ?)

I fell in love with these leather looking pants! I HAVE to go back to Zara to get them VERY soon !

I've been looking for a black leather biker jacket EVERYWHERE! Well, this one is faux leather but it corresponds to what I want so I'll probably go back for this too...

Blurry, blurry, blurry...

I loved this top! So cute.

Haha! This bright pink dress... Big crush too! I'm looking for bright shiny colours for this season and this dress could be beyond fine .

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